Friday, March 20, 2009

On Markets and Such

“To market, to market to buy a fat pig….” is a nursery rhyme many of us heard as children. Little did we know then that pigs could be fat or lean, depending on the market and the timing of the visit. Little did we know that we could be the pig. Nursery rhymes can be tricky and subtle. Great that we don’t know that as children or we might not say, “Tell it again, Daddy.”

As it applies to financial markets, we often speak of them as if they were entities unto themselves. Statements such as, “The market anticipated…” or “The market didn’t realize…” create the impression and illusion of a market with a brain. We easily forget that markets are brain dead and that PEOPLE make a market, some of whom may very well be brain dead as well.

When the market went up 379 points on March 10, 2009 because Citigroup showed a two month profit, it reflected that people caused the markets to rally based on the good news. Any sign of life in a financial institution is cause for celebration these days.

The same is true psychologically. Positive thoughts, feelings or actions beget emotional rallies for the people striving to be positive. It makes them feel better. It focuses them on the parts of their lives that are working well, despite their financial hardships. It separates money issues from other issues.

Seeking out and staying in positive, optimistic and comfortable space may not always be easy, but it is always worth the effort. Though money is undeniably important, there is much more to us, as people, than money. Health trumps wealth every time!

Consider the last line of the rhyme, “Home again, home again, market is done.” Isn’t that interesting? Is it time for you to finally come home and value that which is closest and most sacred? You bet your fat pig it is!!!

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