Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March Madness

Usually, March Madness in the US refers to the collegiate basketball games played obsessively. These determine the rankings, future coach salaries, alumni contributions and pro deals and endorsements. It is where college sports meets big business. This year March Madness takes on a whole new dimension.

March Madness refers to:
• The Bernie Madoff (his BM initials seem appropriate) hatred. Even being sentenced to jail for 150 years is not sufficient punishment to those he royally, you know what.

• Other Ponzi people who took less than BM, but still took.

• The CEO of AIG who gave his PIGs over $200 million as a reward for their failing 180 billion times.

• Our ever popular President who is looking at an almost 10 trillion or more deficit for which my grandkids and yours will be liable-not to mention that he didn’t quite get rid of the pork. Maybe March should be known as a pigfest.

• A former President and his ship of fools co-leaders who bushwacked us and became their own WMD.

• A host of seemingly brilliant financial leaders who now appear to have been--you fill in the blank__________.

In this context March Madness has multiple meanings. Many are mad because people they trusted lost their minds and went mad.

The challenge to us everyday folk and the reason for this blog is that we can’t afford to go mad, despite being quite mad. We, as captains of our ships, need to maintain our wits when those about us have already lost theirs. Being mad is very different from going mad. Not just in March, but always and forever. To me, it is a slam dunk!

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