Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lost and Found

Yesterday, I said, “Amazing how much we can learn when we have lost something of value to us.”

What have you found out about yourself amid your financial losses? Hopefully, you have identified some qualities that are pride-worthy, like optimism, resilience and determination. If not, you can strive toward these characteristics. They are attainable.

What have you found changing among your values, attitudes and priorities? Have you found it within yourself to embrace a less is more set of beliefs? If not, can you strive toward those, like a Buddhist who strives toward staying in the moment and accepting life as it comes instead of how s/he wants it to be?

Finally, can you find value in that which has no material, but much emotional value? Now is the time for us to strive to separate emotional wheat from material chaff. Life is all about striving. That is why people visit my colleagues and I -- to strive toward growth. Striving leads us away from the pain, worry and sadness of the strife of our lives. Striving is positive. Standing still or drifting backward are not.

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