Thursday, March 26, 2009

Emotional Healing

I went to a funeral today. The clergyman said that cuts in our skin cause a scab to form which ultimately makes the skin stronger. He wanted us to see emotional wounds similarly.

I didn’t fully agree. Emotional scabs have a way of making us weaker. We cover over the pain and ultimately it comes back to haunt us. Our bodies and our mind, share similarities but work on different principles. To deal with the economic cuts we have encountered we need to do more than just wait for a scab to form.

For our minds to be stronger requires more than a scab. Body scabs leave a scar that fades. Emotional scabs leave scars that bleed invisibly for long periods of time.

Emotional healing requires an active “working on it” process. Those who do that, as in therapy, counseling, coaching, support groups, workshops, reading, etc. know just how hard they have to work their program. Bodies heal naturally. Minds heal by people committing to a process.

There is, however, nothing wrong with hard work, especially on yourself. Just don’t assume time, wealth or scabs will heal your emotional wounds. The best investment and the highest dividend yields occur when you work on you. That has been both my personal and professional experience. Sadly, there is no band aid or antibacterial ointment for your mind. There is, however, help, hope and personal growth. The latter beats a scab any day.

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