Monday, March 23, 2009

15 1/2 Relaxing/Fun Things You Can Do for Free

• Take a bath by candlelight with or without bubbles.
• Invite your partner or special person to join you ( a good way to clean up your act!).
• Walk in the park or on the beach or just sit on a bench there. Perhaps meet a special person.
• Listen to relaxing music in the bath, on the bench or while walking or while you eat dinner or do the dishes or anytime.
• Watch an old movie on TV.
• Look through albums, pictures or family videos and remember the good old happy days and believe that they will return.
• Dance with your beloved in your living room or any room as if you were teens.
• Write a response (please be kind) to one of our blogs and press submit.
• Do relaxation, meditation, guided imagery, yoga, tai chi or whatever you are comfortable doing to de-stress.
• Spend 5-10 minutes a day remembering happier times and envisioning a healthy, positive future.
• Feel grateful for all you still have despite whatever you have lost.
• Make a list of what is really, really important to you and go for it.
• Go to a free support group…even if it isn’t for a problem you have.
• Get in touch with what made your “inner child/teen” happy. Blow bubbles, skip, shoot hoops, listen to your generation’s music, read a comic or whatever.
• Go to a bookstore or library and read fun stuff for free.
• Think of other things that can work and send your ideas to us. ( This is the 1/2!)

Kitle Turmell

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  1. Good ideas ... it really makes you think about things ... thanks